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What is BigProfiles and how does it work?

BigProfiles is a Customer Intelligence SaaS. Through our Profile Enrichment algorithm, we recover publicly available information about a company’s customer base from source like social networks, public records and socio-economic indicators. We then merge this data with the company’s internal data to generate enriched profiles and deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make predictions about customer behavior.

What kind of business can adopt BigProfiles?

BigProfiles is a cross-industry SaaS. It can be adopted by a range of businesses in different industries aiming at adopting Artificial Intelligence to support the analysis of Big Data. Currently, we operate in the insurance, banking, automotive, and retail sector.

How does my business benefit from BigProfiles?

Your business will be supported by innovative tools in the implementation of data-driven marketing, advertising, cross-selling, up-selling and customer retention operations to increase ROI and sales and have a measurable impact on P&L account.

How long does it take to receive the processed data?

The time of elaboration depends on the volume of the data you provide us with and the type of service. For example, to process and enrich (Profile Enrichment) 100.000 leads we can take up to two weeks, while for developing a predicting model (AI-powered Behavioral Predictions) up to a month.

How can I book a trial?

By contacting us through our website. One of our experts will get in touch to schedule an appointment and discuss how BigProfiles can add value to your business.