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Profile Enrichment

BigProfiles Profile Enrichment traces information as marital status, level of education, job category, housing, interests from external sources like social networks, professional registers, public records, open data and socio-economic indicators, merges it with a business’s internal data and generates customer intelligence. At BigProfiles, we deliver superior customer insights, you gain strategic marketing advantages.

AI-Powered Behavioral Predictions

BigProfiles Behavioral Predictions, powered by Artificial Intelligence, delivers predictive insights about customers’ behavior. Upon the Profile Enrichment, our Artificial Intelligence analyzes customers’ profiles and assigns a score of probability in relation to specific behaviors that the client wants to research.

Customer data turned into customer intelligence

Do you want to identify the segment with the highest churn propensity?

Do you want to target the most sales-ready and responsive segment within your customer base?

At BigProfiles, we make sure, and possible, you do.