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Upselling is a sales technique through which customers are offered to upgrade to a more expensive version of the product or service they have shown interest for. The goal of upselling is to deliver more value and to make customer understand you are offering them a better deal. Upselling boosts additional revenues while building customers loyalty and increasing Customer Lifetime Value.

BigProfiles helps companies to set up or optimize upselling campaigns identifying, through its profile enrichment and AI engine, the segment of customers who are potentially more willing to invest on upgraded versions of the products or services they have displayed interest for.

Up-sell more, up-sell better

If you are already running an upselling campaign and want to identify the segment of your customers who may be interested in upgrading to a more expensive version of your product or service, BigProfiles helps you spot upselling opportunities and score your leads according to their upselling-propensity. In this way, you get a better understanding of whom to target and maximize the profit margin of your campaign.

Set up an AI-informed up-selling campaign

If you are planning to set up a new campaign but your database contains millions of leads and you are unsure about how and who to contact, BigProfiles helps you select the right target. Analyzing your customer base and attributing a upsell-propensity score to each of your existing customers, BigProfiles gives you the basis on which you can develop your strategy to ensure the highest conversion rate and sales.