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Prospect scoring is a technique which enables businesses to segment prospects and identify the most promising ones, improve the relevance of their offers to better match customers’ forecasted needs, and strategically allocate resources to maximize conversion rate and boost revenues.

Not only BigProfiles enriches your customers’ profiles, it also provides you with AI-informed predictions about their future behavior. After enriching your customer database, our AI engine analyzes the data in relation to the information you are looking for.

Sell more, sell better

If you are already running a campaign but want to make it more efficient, we provide you the tools to reach your goal. BigProfiles, through its enrichment and AI engine, analyzes your customer database and attributes purchase-propensity scores to each of your leads. In this way, you can adjust the target of your campaign focusing more on leads with higher purchase-propensity scores. Adopting BigProfiles, your campaign converts more with reduced costs in money and time.

Set up an AI-informed sales campaign

If you are planning to set up a new campaign and want to identify the audience’s segment with the highest probability of being interested in your offer, BigProfiles, through its enrichment and AI engine, predicts the purchase-propensity of your leads and attributes scores accordingly. Adopting BigProfiles, you are able to target the right customers with the right offer at the right time.