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Cross-selling is a sales technique through which customers are offered products complementary to the ones they have already bought. Cross-selling helps businesses to nurture the relationship with customers and retain customers by facilitating their buying experience offering them products or services they like or need.

Thanks to its profile enrichment and AI engine, BigProfiles supports companies in the setting up or optimization of cross-selling campaigns by providing them rich and detailed information about their customer base and accurate predictions about their customer behavior.

Cross-sell more, cross-sell better

If you are already running a campaign and want to increase your, BigProfiles, through its enrichment and AI engine, gives you insights about the likelihood of your customers to be interested in cross-products or cross-services. As a result, both your conversion rate and your sales will increase.

Set up an AI-informed cross-selling campaign

If you are planning to set up a campaign and would like to target the segment of leads who are potentially more likely to buy complimentary items, BigProfiles supports you in selecting your target by attributing a cross-purchase propensity score to each of your leads. Finally, you can implement the perfect campaign with the highest return on investment.